With Robin Aurora 


11-2pm - £30 

In person The Yoga Shack. Nether Whitacre B46

SOLD OUT - join wait list (booking link) or contact me to express and interest in next date

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What to Expect



This 3 hour Handstand workshop will focus on skills, technique, strength, mobility and confidence to get up side down! 

You don't need to be a confident hand stander to join us. But you do need to have a can-do attitude and a willingness to try! 

Robins playful and encouraging style will make this workshop challenging but fun and confident hand standers can expect to take their practice to the next level 

Expect a range of warm ups and drills for the wrists, shoulders, hips, core and arms and plenty of all levels different types of handstands (using wall if needed) 

About Robin Aurora 

Robin is a superstar senior Ashtangi teacher since 1999. He has a wealth of experience and teaches an hour of Ashtanga for Sole 2 Soul yoga every morning on zoom 7am (see timetable) This energetic style of yoga quickly builds strength and endurance for life .... and handstands

For the last 10 years Robin has developed a passion for Handstand and has been travelling around the globe teaching people how to view the world upside down.