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Why I may not be the teacher for you…

So... I might do myself out of business here, but I’m not everyone's cup of tea … and that's fine.

I’d describe my teaching style as light-hearted and inclusive. I love the philosophy and traditional aspects of yoga and bring them to life for our modern world. I’m continually studying. Not just yoga texts and books, but equally important myself, life and how I can continue to improve and learn to help others. BUT some people just prefer coffee , and that’s fine. I’m passionate about the benefits of YOGA and would rather people found the right class and teacher for them. But you may need to try a number of hot beverages before you’re satisfied.

I still remember my first yoga class a little over 20 years ago. I felt stiff, unbalanced and weak. I was comparing myself to people who had been practicing yoga for years and were doing some pretty advanced

poses and seemed so serene! But I kept going as I loved it! I couldn’t believe how much I sweated and how much I ached the day after and I NEVER thought I’d be able to do some of the tricky poses I can now perform with relative ease… I wasn’t bothered about this either. I kept going because I liked the teacher and the way it made me feel - and that's the reason for doing yoga. Yoga means union. It’s an integrating system for mind, body and soul to help us lead

a happy fulfilled life but I just started because I wanted a good stretch, but like many others I pretty quickly discovered its magic beyond the stretch…

Many of you will have heard of the great benefits of yoga which include:

  • Help keep the body supple and strong

  • Improving joint, muscle and back pain

  • Relaxing the mind, feeling more calm and improving relationships

  • Improving sleep, digestion and overall physical and mental health

  • Connecting to something bigger and increasing energy

Unfortunately, some people start their yoga journey only to be put off at the first hurdle for a number of reasons such as:

  • Maybe the class style wasn’t right for you at that time?

  • Maybe you didn’t get a good vibe from the teacher or the venue?

  • Maybe you overdid it initially and regretted it the next day (we’ve all been there!) or felt out of your depth with the moves?

  • Maybe It just wasn’t the right time for you to make this start?

  • Not feeling flexible or strong enough (a bit like saying you’re too dirty for a bath!)

But each journey starts with a single step and with the right mindset to improving can bring amazing results. So here are a few tips on how to find the right yoga class and how to find the right yoga teacher for you?

  • Get recommendations from friends or your local community.

  • Check their qualifications and experience but don’t make it just about this. Sure, if you want a pregnancy yoga class they need to be qualified specifically in this area (I am btw) but ongoing self study, experience and their ‘vibe’ can be as important as their certificates.

  • So give the teacher a call to see if you like their style, tell them about any health issues and explore what might suit you best. A good teacher will refer you to someone else if they would suit you better and will recommend the right style of yoga for you to try initially or try a few out.

  • Have a look at the teachers social media posts and videos on their website. I’ve been on some great retreats after finding people online that I’d never met before!

  • Consider a personal session (in person or online) to get that personal attention

  • If you don’t enjoy a class you join but like the teacher, try a different yoga class style, as they do vary significantly in style and intensity.

  • If you don’t gel with the teacher, don’t think it’s necessarily that yoga is not for you. It may be you need to find the right teacher for you, someone you relate to and helps you feel good.

Let me know about your first yoga experience and how you found the right teacher for you. Keep breathing those wonderful deep breaths and see you on the mat very soon.

You can find details of all my classes, workshops, retreats and personal sessions at or give me a call on 07919 924 883 if you want to explore what’s best and get to know me

Love as always

Lisa :-)

Sole 2 Soul Yoga

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