Zoom links for all classes with Lisa & Michelle are to be found on your email confirmation and also in the 'my booking' section of the website after logging in.


This page is only for classes with external instructors eg. Angela, Laura, Audra Jean and Jo T 

The link may only be on here sometimes the day before so check before class and message the instructor if needed (numbers below) 

You MUST have a ticket to access these classes (included in monthly plan) or drop in for non members  so book here 

Please inform the teacher if you have any health issues that may affect the practice 

Angela's CLASSES 

Her phone number in case of issues getting in is 07548 317703

Yoga Shred (HITT & Yoga) 

Tues 27th July

Thursday 29th July



Yoga Nidra 5.30-6pm

Tuesday 27th July.       



Sivananda Yoga 

Tuesdays 27th July- 9.15am 

Sivananda Yoga 

Monday 26th July 6-7pm (level 1)

Tuesday 27th July 6.15-7.30pm (Level 2)



Gentle Yoga & Yoga Nidra  9.30-11am

Thursday 29th July


Laura's Class 

Any problems getting in call Angela 

Weekend wind down

 Fridays 5.45-6.30

Friday 30th July 

Audra Jean Classes 

Her phone number in case of issues getting in is 

 07983 025410

 Saturday 24th July 10am                                             

Password :  7k42ac6rtm

Thursday 22nd July 6pm  

Password: tv7y6wkn9h