3month Transformational Yoga Programme

Start Dates

14th September - SOLD OUT

11th January - Spaces (early bird price til 1/11) 

Do you want to feel great moving into the New Year?

Do you want to transform your body and mind and build healthy habits?

Want to feel part of a supported community and learn more about yoga, meditation and well-being?

Struggling to get motivated at home without support but want that push to get and keep going?

Want to learn from an experienced yogi in a light-hearted and inclusive way?

I decided to participate in Lisa’s 3 month programme after letting my practise go a bit and wanted to concentrate on the mindful side of yoga. All I can say is I’m so glad I did. Lisa’s positive personality is very encouraging and the daily tasks don’t take too long but have made a huge difference. I’ve now been mediating daily and found a big shift in my moods by doing so. It’s also lovely to have the group to encourage each other. My one to one with Lisa was very insightful and gave me helpful positions to work on my most challenging pose (headstand) The twice weekly classes are really good, easy to follow and Lisa has a way of keeping them fun and very beneficial. Would highly recommend this programme to both beginner and advanced yogis, have learnt so much! Thank you Lisa

What You Receive

  • A structured approach to transformation and well-being including short daily activities to help you build awareness, set and achieve goals, build healthy habits for body and mind and keep you motivated

  • 2 online yoga classes per week (live stream and /or re-stream these classes anytime to suit)

  • A Personal 1-2-1 session with Lisa (face to face or via zoom)

  • Access to private Facebook group where we will all share progress, give support, encouragement and advice from the group and Lisa

  • Additional content e.g. meditations, philosophy talks, inspiring daily/weekly challenges

  • A monthly bespoke virtual workshop exclusively for members to support your journey

Details of the included Live Yoga classes (1 hour - all levels) - re-stream anytime to suit or join us live via zoom

** 6pm Tuesday (stretch relax restore yoga) - mellow and chilled

** 9.30am Saturday (all levels Flow Yoga) - more energetic


**Spaces are limited so I can give you lots of personal support. So this programme is only is for those who are ready and committed to engaging fully. But don't worry it won't be burdensome I promise you'll enjoy the ride... 

**Your investment for this 3 month long course is just £179 (£159 early bird rate before 1st November)  which is about the same price as the physical classes alone!


Contact me to discuss any aspects of this course.Upon booking you'll be send full details of how to prepare for this wonderful course!


So pleased I joined Lisa’s three month programme. It has really helped me to commit to my own well-being and the meditations and ‘Lisa’s daily doses’ have brought about some real changes to my daily routine. Also it’s lovely feeling part of a group; people share the experiences and encourage each other. Thank you Lisa

I've been attending Lisa's classes and workshops for a fair few years and have always enjoyed her fun, relaxed and lighthearted sessions. I joined the 3 month transformational programme as part of my aim to take better care of myself, both physically and mentally.  I was initially hesitant about swapping one of my flow classes for stretch,  relax and restore but I've found myself looking forward to it even more. The self-reflection Lisa encourages us to take part in has been interesting and enlightening, and is helping me to build healthier habits and disrupt negative thought patterns.  The meditation exercises have been really helpful: this has been a skill I have long needed to develop, and finally I'm starting to feel the knot in the pit of my stomach, always present when working or thinking about work, start to untangle.  I have also been able to use some of the techniques I'm learning to relax and fall back to sleep more quickly when I wake up in the night with a whirling mind. It's also brilliant to feel the support of the whole group: we're all in different places in our journey but I feel we're all there for each other.

I've been doing yoga with Lisa for a few years now and would recommend her fun and relaxed yet highly professional classes to anyone - from complete beginner to Jedi master. I'm currently doing the 3-month transformational programme to help me regain control of my mental and physical wellbeing in a world which is currently so dominated by negativity. I'm not going to claim that Lisa has achieved world peace (although it wouldn't surprise me if she could!), but the space and support this programme is giving me as I work to detox mind and body is proving to be, well, transformational. Oh, and it's also made me realise that, contrary to a lifelong belief, I actually do like raisins (if you do the course, this point will make sense....). Thank you Lisa and all my fellow transformational yogis! 

If you think you don't have time to do the transformation course then that means you definitely need to sign up!

Autumn is the busiest time of year for me workwise and I already had a full exercise programme, which included one session of yoga a week; mainly to keep me supple for all my cardio exercise, so I really didn't think the programme would benefit me or that I could fit it in. BUT Lisa said 'give it a go and see what happens.' And I am so glad I did.

The reality is you find the time as Lisa makes it so engaging, and slowly but surely you realise that some extra yoga or a meditation is worth the time investment. I'll be honest I never thought I would meditate but here I am doing it twice a day and seeing real benefit in terms of reducing my stress levels at work. 

Being part of a small private Facebook group is a real boost too as you realise you are not alone with the challenges that you face. I'd recommend the course to anyone no matter how much yoga they have done before...and look out for the C word!

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