Music Playlists

Music is such a personal thing! Sometimes I like to just listen to the sound of my breath, sometimes just a continuous Om or chant..and sometimes a really funky beat! What ever your preference, here are some of my playlists that I've matched to classes or just have a listen whilst your doing the washing up! 

You need to open in Spotify to hear the full playlist or its just a snippet of each track 

Heart & Compassion Playlist 

1 hour Bija Mantra (Chakra Seed sounds)  

Enjoying Music

Xmas Yoga Playlist 

Full Moon Yoga/Yoga Nidra  Playlist

Chill & Flow Playlist 

Longer relaxed playlist with 30 mins chanting for each chakra seed sound (bijou) mantra. 

An hour of soft music only healing frequencies. Ideal for yin, relaxed class or meditation

70 minutes of ethereal music and OM 

Ganesh! Unblocker of obstacles 

Maha Shivaratri Playlist 

Satya (truth) playlist - Sat Nam 

Saucha and Santosha (purity and Contentment)