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Sunday 9th June 2024 11-1.30pm
with Dan Edwards

The Yoga Shack, Nether Whitacre B46


man in ice bath

What to Expect

Have you heard about the great benefits of cold exposure and ice baths? Maybe you already do wild swimming or cold showers and want to take it to the next level. Couple the cold with powerful breath work and mindset and you have a recipe for health and healing. 


Wim Hoff is the poster boy for the cold and we have our very own 'ice man' Dan Edwards coming to The Yoga shack to deliver a workshop which will include

  •  The importance of nasal breathing 

  •  How breath work changes our state of body and mind 

  •  How to implement different breathing techniques for different outcomes (practicing different styles of breathing) 

  •  Why cold exposure is good for our mind and body 


And we will be doing the ice baths to finish the session 🧊 which will be around 2 minutes ideally in the tub - all in the beautiful rural setting outside the yoga shack with your lots of encouragement to challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone!


Bring a swimsuit,  towel and warm clothing for afterwards . Includes a hot drink and sweet treat with warming up exercises after the dip

About Dan 

I'm a qualified personal trainer, meditation and breath work practitioner.


My passion is to help people feel empowered and to move forward in life. I do this by combining holistic methods to improve mental and physical health.

I’ve always been into physical training and have been a personal trainer for 4 years.

However, my journey into the holistic path started through a decline in my own mental health when I started to experience OCD.

It was from here that I knew I needed to look at other aspects of health and to seek help from others. Along this journey I found therapy, meditation, breathwork and cold exposure worked best for me. By implementing them into my life on a regular basis, everything has changed for the better.

I look forward to meeting you all in this workshop and to introduce the power of breath work and the mind.

You can follow Dan on Instagram 

Price for the workshop is £45

ice bath workshop participants
Dan Edwards outside

Student love...

I joined the breath workshop and ice bath workshop with Dan and Lisa at Sole2Soul yoga.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. A great balance of practical and theory and was wonderful to meet like minded people. I learnt so much about the breath and also about myself.

Did it take me out of my comfort zone? Yes! Did it feel good? Yes! So empowering to use the breath to control the mind and body. Couldn’t have done it without all of the support from Dan, Lisa and the people who were there on the day.

Thank you 🙏

Ice bath book
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