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Tune in to listen to conversations Lisa has had with a number of interesting people who may seem very different but who have a lot of shared goals and overlap with the yoga practice. More coming soon! Contact me if you'd like to be involved 

Consious Parenting with Amanda Cox

Consious Parenting with Amanda Cox

Join me 'in discussion with' Amanda Cox from Truly Parenting who is a conscious parenting coach and I share insights into how the yoga practice has some pretty similar messages .. interesting! Lisa is a mum of 2 (10 and 31!) and soon to be a nan ... an experienced yoga teacher she shares her thoughts on parenting with Amanda an experienced Parenting Coach and mum of 2 Amanda Cox is a certified Conscious Parent Coach trained in Dr Shefali’s Conscious parenting method. She has taught for many years in secondary schools and colleges and most recently has worked in pastoral support and understands many of the stresses and anxieties children go through while growing up. During the early years of raising her own children in a traditional way, she started to challenge this approach after becoming unstuck many times! . She realised that the traditional ways of parenting did not encourage deep connection and can often lead to us passing on our emotional baggage. For most parents who come to conscious parenting, the biggest moments come when they see their children as their teachers where both the parent and the child grow up together. Being aware of why we are who we are is very powerful and is often the catalyst for a change in parenting style. Amanda has a warm and friendly approach and is absolutely non-judgemental supporting parents in the often challenging and difficult job of raising children. website email - Truly Parenting | Facebook Amanda Cox (@truly_parenting) • Instagram photos and videos

Student love...

Lisa is an inspirational teacher and guide , she is patient and playful! She enables all to participate to the best of their ability. Since COVID I have been using her online facility,


I love my sessions , feel included as part of the class. It is easy for me to participate, I have all my equipment to hand .


I also love the membership on line library and other facilities. Thanks Lisa for improving my life

— Janet Ward

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