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Sole 2 Soul Vegan Recipes!

I've been vegan since 2016 and am passionate about the power of plants! Eat as many different plant based foods each day for maximum gut health. Follow Tim Spector and Zoe Nutrition for more info on this.


Whether you are trying to eat more plants, or want to go vegan/vegetarian, let me help you with a few recipes (to be added to!) The ingredients of the below recipes are at the end  of the videos or click on the 'i' button  in the video corner

There are tons of brilliant recipes out there now and it can seem daunting to know where to start but there's a world of new taste out there. I recommend Rainbow Plant Life  (she has an ace youtube channel too), Bosh TV,     The Minimalist Baker, but there are tons of people on youtube and social media so please share any good ones with me! 

Student love...

After the first 2 months of practicing yoga with Lisa and her team, I can honestly say my body is so much more relaxed and restored. I go to bed feeling rejuvenated and my sciatica has been relieved massively. The studio is clean and cosy, with atmospheric salt lamps and mantras surround the walls. This is the place to go that fits around all shift work, with late and morning sessions.

— Gemma Higgs

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