Yin Yoga Workshop

Venue - Shustoke Village Hall, North Warwickshire

Covid Compliant 

SUNDAY 15th NOVEMBER 4pm - 6pm (online)

SUNDAY 13th DECEMBER 4pm - 6.30pm (in person)

Anytime Re-stream available to do anytime on the Re-steam to rent pages

Yin Yoga is a very relaxed, very restorative type of yoga. We hold poses for around 5 minutes in a supported and relaxed way using bolsters, pillows, blankets and blocks. The time just flies and is great for body and mind! These sessions always sell out and people return again and again 

2 hours of relaxed yoga stretches and 30 mins of yoga Nidra or deep relaxing meditation

It's extremely relaxing and meditative so helps us slow down. It works on the body using the Chinese meridian system so certain poses help certain areas of the body.  

It's great for the mind, but also great for the body as it targets fascia and joint health and helps improve flexibility.

A great way to end the weekend ready for the week ahead!

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