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Hi, I'm Lisa


Founder and Main teacher at Sole 2 Soul Yoga. I'm a mum of  2 amazing girls (with 20 years age gap!)  one grandson and full time yoga teacher.  You'll find my style inclusive, fun loving and accessible although I will always challenge you to your fullest potential!

I'm now in my 50's and fitter, healthier and calmer than ever and I put it down to yoga.  I am passionate about passing on my enthusiasm and love for yoga - with the many benefits it brings to mind, body and soul. The ancient techniques and philosophy are part of every session and can transform your life.

I have been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2013 and enjoy teaching many forms of yoga including physical postures (asana) pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation. I am a constant student of the ancient texts, sanskrit, anatomy and everything yoga!

I am also a qualified pregnancy, special needs, children's and baby yoga teacher. I am fully insured and DBS 


You can read all about our Class Styles and wonderful teachers here 

Lisa Colclough with Jemma Connolly and Cassie Crawshaw
Yoga Forward fold with Lisa Colclough.jpg

Allow me to

introduce myself!


About Yoga

Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago. Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which literally means to integrate or unite. Yoga is said to be the union of the individual consciousness and universal consciousness and the practices laid down in the ancient texts give us to tools to find this union with our highest self


Regular practice of Yoga will build a strong, toned and supple body, improve sleep and fitness, balance and posture and cultivate a calm and focused mind. Lisa's yoga classes are inclusive and light hearted and always contain physical moves tailored to the style and ability of the students, breath work or pranayama to help energise and relax the body and relaxation /meditation to calm and clear the mind.


Yoga is for everyone! No body too stiff, no mind too cluttered... start with a single step on this wonderful journey to well-being. Whether you want to relax and stretch or stand on your head! All are aspects of the yoga practice. 

Meet the other teachers 

Vicky London

Yoga came to me at the right time after experiencing some mental health issues and found that yoga was a safe space where I could be present, clear my mind, breathe and connect with my true self. 


I also play crystal bowls and gong and describe my style as lighthearted and spiritual.  I constantly  continue to grow on the path to yoga 🙏

Vicky London in Full Lotus pose in Wales

Jake Osei-Tutu

Meet Jake (Yang Yasuke), a seasoned yogi with 20 years of dedicated practice  From their early days as a drummer, model, and combat medic, yoga has played a transformative and profound role in his life.

Through his classes, he aims  to create a safe and inclusive space for students to explore their own practice, while also fostering a sense of community and self-discovery.


His  teaching style emphasises the importance of mindful movement, breath awareness, and finding balance on and off the mat.

jake and dog.jpeg

Laura Clarke 

Laura has been practicing Yoga since 2002  Laura believes in yoga’s ability to heal, as well as nurture and protect the mind, body and soul. Taking our attention from the very busy, loud world around us, back to ourselves, inside, which is where it all begins. Laura’s classes have been described as inspiring, whist being encouraging and fun. Laura’s sessions are relaxed, but focused.

Laura Clarke smiling

Fran Loretto

Fran is a keen runner and been practising yoga for 10 years. She has a wealth of teaching experience both with children and yoga!    Fran knows we can learn about ourselves, both physically and emotionally and her classes are accessible to everyone; ‘If you can breathe, you can do yoga.’ She now balance my work between teaching yoga classes, working at a local nursery and supply teaching so she get the best of all worlds.

Fran Loretto in Tree Pose
Dan Edwards in Ice Bath

Dan Edwards

Expert in breath work and Ice Therapy as well as an all round great guy and personal trainer.  Our very own Wim Hoff! 

Dan runs regular Ice Baths and Breath work sessions for us at Sole 2 Soul to take you out of your comfort zone and into your truest potential 

AudraJean Elliot doing Pilates

AudraJean Elliott 

With a background in dance and a long history of teaching group exercise, this evolved into a passion for Pilates and in 2007 when she started to teach Pilates. She loves yoga and we love Pilates! She also is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and has an amazing, fun loving teaching style. We love AudraJeans fun and inclusive take on pilates for all 

Amanda Bunton doing yoga

Amanda Bunton

Amanda completed her Teacher Training in the heart of the jungle in the mountains of stunning Sri Lanka... surrounded by nature and wildlife, which has inspired her to take yoga outside whenever possible.


Whether that's to the beach (on our retreats), or any outside  space... breathing in the fresh air and relaxing to sounds  of  nature  (or the ocean),  practicing  yoga outside really enhances your yoga practice and calms the mind. 


Whether it is outdoors or inside, she creates a safe, welcoming and calm environment for you to practice your yoga in.

Kelly Hopkinson smiling

Kelly Hopkinson

Kelly teaches several online zoom only classes for us

She is a mum of 2, a yoga and mindfulness teacher and is committed to creating a fun environment in her classes to help you reach your fullest potential and embrace self care and self love on and off the mat.

Emma Fletcher 

Emma has practised yoga for around 15 years and after sharing the benefits with her students as an early years teacher in a primary school she realised that the world simply needs more yoga and mindfulness so she took her teacher training in 2018 and hasn’t looked back!

Her aim is to create a judgement free, relaxed, fun, safe space for anyone to explore yoga and access new levels of possibility in both the body and mind 


Creating awareness, communication, connection and of course love in all its form and taking the practice off the mat and into everyday life

Emma Fletcher in the Yoga Shack Studio

Robin Aurora

Robin is a superstar senior Ashtanga teacher since 1999.

He has a wealth of experience and for the last 20 years Robin has developed a passion for handstands and has been travelling around the globe teaching people how to view the world upside down.

We are blessed he comes and runs handstand workshops at Sole 2 Soul Yoga! 

Robin Aurora Ashtanga Yoga

Michelle Dunn 

Many of you know Michelle as Lisa's usual fab cover teacher but an experienced yogi who was actually one of Lisa's teachers - thats how we met! She loves Acro and her flow classes are accessible and fun 

Student love...

I met Lisa in 2017 and was a total beginner to yoga but love sport in general and know as I’m ageing I need to keep fit flexible and stretch, I did a weekly one to one session to begin but since Covid I’ve enrolled to the online streaming classes which are great. I run my own business and look after my mom too so these session are invaluable to stay fit in with my busy schedule. Friday morning are relaxed and yin style very relaxing and stretchy - Monday’s are more get up and go workout but get you going for the week ahead. The online streaming is very convenient and suits my current lifestyle and can re-stream later that day or week if life is so busy . Yoga with Lisa is a lifeline to keep claim and have some of my own me time and escapism. Highly recommend the online or live streaming classes

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