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Gentle Yoga Package

This package includes some short sessions to help you get moving and relaxing from the comfort of your home to feel great, improve suppleness, strength and help you feel calm and sleep better. Just £25 for lifetime access to the short classes and meditations and ideal gift for a loved one (contact me for access for them). 

What's in the package? 

Lifetime online access to the below sessions  on demand

  • 15 minutes 'bed' stretches 

  • 20 minutes chair yoga

  • 15 minutes leg strength and improve balance routine

  • 5 minutes simple learn to meditate 

  • 30 minutes yoga nidra (longer relaxation)

  • 12 minutes healing meditation 

  • Breathing techniques

  • 2 x Longer 1 hour relaxed yoga classes

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

Always take it slowly and carefully and get medical advice if you're not sure about the suitability of any of the moves.

"Covid has changed our lives so much, especially for the over 70's. I'm 84 yrs old and recently started doing these gentle class regularly and want to say thank you Lisa, I enjoy it so much. I've found it so relaxing and good for me. It's re-awakened muscles which have been asleep for years. My back particularly is much looser and free. Joining you is part of my day now, Thank you" Mary

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