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Yoga for Injuries

From back tightness to sciatica to knee issues here are a few videos of how to work with and improve with yoga.


One size does not fit all so contact me if you need to discuss or check with your Doctor or physical therapist. Even more important to go slow and 'feel' what is happening to unlock and heal! 

Back and Sciatica Class (60 mins)

Back and Sciatica Class (60 mins)

All level back care class An hour exploring posture, moves and techniques to stretch and strengthen to improve back health. Studies have shown yoga to help alleviate back pain (see link at bottom) but it's important to find the right class for you with a teacher with experience who can advise you on the right class and postures for you. This is so individual. Most of us will have tightness, niggles and aches from time to time but some have more challenging sciatica and disc issues so please use the class as a guide and contact your physio or doctor if not sure. Go slow and always listen to the body but don't react be limited by it. This class will help you ** Start to understand the mind body connection ** Learn how to move safely for your body ** Do specific postures to relieve back pain ** Learn how to use the breath and mindfulness to reduce pain ** Start to understand better posture and how your daily activities may be contributing to your pain (including sleep) Also see 2 short sessions on the members library (yoga for injuries page) Sometimes a personal yoga session can help initially to explore your particular issue and suggest the moves and poses to suit. See here for info on personal sessions available on zoom or in my studio the Yoga Shack, B46 A regular yoga practice can help maintain and resolve some back issues so look at the timetable and contact me if you're not sure which class might be right for you Yoga and back pain study
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