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A change will do you good...

Change can be difficult... even when it's a potentially 'positive change'

Our comfort zone can be just that ... comfortable! But we rarely grow in our comfort zone, whether its small changes we make (diet, pushing ourselves in training for handstand (just me?) or big changes like changing jobs or separating from a relationship that doesn't work.

Yoga helps us understand that NOTHING stays the same. Our body changes constantly (we are in theory the same 'body' as our baby self!) Our emotions come and go, every good time, desire, pain, heartache, every thought.. come and go like waves on the ocean. In yoga we learn techniques for not becoming attached to any of these as everything is transient. We can enjoy life but know that even this comes and goes... when we know this we find a freedom, an openness to live life with awareness and fully. Courage is not the absence of fear... but we work to conquer our fears and become fear-less.

So why then is change so difficult for us, when it's part of everyday life?

It challenges us to leave what we know and step into the unknown... and that can be scary right? What if it doesn't work, what if i regret it...what if...what if... or procrastination. I don't know where to start, i'll do it another day, it's too hard...

Is there something that you've wanted to change but haven't found the courage or determination to do? Or perhaps opportunities come up that you decline because you fear changing the status quo. Don't get me wrong...this isn't about change for change sake - when things are good and working - gratitude and contentment are also part of the yoga practice which mean that we work from a base of everything is already perfect.

True freedom is accepting everything exactly as it is now - and working from there. BUT when opportunity comes a knocking, or when your heart is speaking to you for growth.. we should listen

So agreeing to take over a new studio in Atherstone has taken me right out of my comfort zone. My initial response when asked was NO THANK YOU as life is easy at the moment (it hasn't always been - i've been a single parent on benefits and had bouts of clinical depression so am forever grateful for the good times) .

BUT then something in my heart was whispering to me... "give is a go...nothing ventured... what have you got to lose... the universe is giving you an opportunity to get yoga to even more people...' You can read some TOP TIPS on dealing with change at the bottom of this BLOG

AND in the spirit of evolving and changing I’m delighted to announce that i said YES to taking on the Atherstone Studio and yes its been hard work these last few weeks setting up new systems, contacting students, trying to build awareness and definitely a few IT systems transitional issues ..

BUT we are getting there and now i'm EXCITED to announce we open the doors to Sole 2 Soul

Atherstone on 2nd May 2022 with an extended fab timetable

This is ON TOP of all the amazing classes at the YOGA SHACK, Whitacre and our amazing ONLINE ZOOM and ANYTIME RE-STREAMS offerings.

BUT We need your support - we can't keep the studio open if numbers don't improve so come along SPREAD THE WORD! I would love to see you at either studio, online, with me or one of amazing teachers.


What to expect from the NEW extended Sole 2 Soul Yoga!

  • 20 different level classes

  • 6 regular experienced teachers with different styles

  • Atherstone and Whitacre Yoga Studios (north Warwickshire)

  • Most classes also on ZOOM live

  • Huge library of hundreds of anytime re-streams of live classes (from 10 minutes plus)

  • Library of philosophy talks and guided meditations

  • Beginners and experienced yogis welcome

  • FREE TRIAL CLASS at either studio or zoom to give us a try.

  • All included in one monthly payment of £39 (no commitment) or drop in/free trial class option

HERE are some top tips for dealing with change

  • Don't resist. While our gut reaction to change is often refusal, breathe, create space and observe your reaction. Take your time to respond after consideration rather than from our conditioned responses

  • Be clear on where you want to be and always focus on the why first rather than just the how.

  • Focus on one change at a time. …don’t over commit or say yes when no is the best option (see above - create space)

  • Exercise patience with yourself. ...

  • Ask productive questions of yourself and others to help you decide

  • Write things down and discuss with others that you value their opinions

  • Once you commit - really commit! You have the power to do it even when its uncomfortable and want to go back to the easy route

  • Stay accountable to yourself and others - get support

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