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Are you Mindful or Mind 'Full'...

So after feeling less than my sparkly self for a couple of weeks… my grandson Jacob reminded me to BE HERE NOW and as always life always provides us with lessons if we listen..

I love the saying ' a good laugh and a good sleep are two of the best cures' simplistic but so true for much of the time!

If we are tired, busy, in our head… then a good rest and a good laugh gets us present and awake. And we can make up so many reasons for feeling flat but sometimes it just needs to work its way through..

SO anyway the point is, I had my nanny daycare day (Thursdays) and Jacob was so cranky which is not like him.. I tried more food, drink.. play… surely he cant be tired as he’s not long woke up… And then I put him in his pram and straight to sleep! Bless him 90 minutes later… refreshed and smily he woke up and we proceeded to throw a sock to each other under a tree for an hour… laughing hilariously as that's the most fun to be had ever... I thought i'd share his infectious laugh on the above video - what a joy!

And it reminded me… we don’t need a lot. We can find lightness and giggles in the smallest moments if we’ve had a good sleep.. Can you seek out those small moments of joy? (Hint they usually are free and are all around you if you search) If not, can you bring one of those moments in for you or someone else?

It might be putting on some funky music and dancing around the kitchen It may be having a kick about with the kids or throwing a sock to a baby.. It might be telling a random stranger a joke or how amazing they look.. anything to raise a smile and connect to others. Out of the head and into the NOW. AND get to bed early…. You’ll feel better for it tomorrow .. oh and i've added a NEW free recording to the library for you to enjoy where we explore riding the storms of life using yoga techniques. I do hope you enjoy!

Some top tips for being more 'mindful'

  • Make friends with your mind.,, get to know it as a curious observer.

  • Know that the mind can tend to the negative - its not your fault this is human programming. One negative thing can play on your mind over all the hundreds of positive things that day. With practice we can change this as we spot whats going on

  • that negative thought can keep you stuck in your head and not in the present - we miss or sleep walk through much of our life if we are not careful

  • Yesterday is just a memory and tomorrow is a fantasy. They are both concepts in your mind which change over time. Our life is a series of now's. We should reflect on he past and plan for the future but don't spend too much time there

  • Breath deeply and fully whenever you remember.

  • Open your eyes wide and look as far as you can into the distance. Most of our life is so close (phones/computers/family) keep expansive and open

  • Slow down. The brain can only think one thing at a time even though it doesn't seem like it... try to do one thing at a time whilst being fully present

  • Create time to watch the thoughts - know that as you can watch the thoughts, they are not you. You have the power to change them with practice.

    • spend a few minutes (longer if you can) meditating (see above) each day. It can be as simple as watching the breath in and out and then spotting the thoughts as they try to rudely interrupt.

    • Choose - choose to entertain those thoughts or let them go like clouds.

  • Use your senses more - really listen to someone, taste your food fully. see the detail in things

  • Get our in nature and get moving!

  • Commit to being more awake and slow down. Be present in your life

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