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I've got breast cancer... so what?!

I know that headline might sound a little blasé … but bear with me.

I’ll be writing a series of blogs charting my treatment and mindset about my recently diagnosed breast cancer over the next few months along with a few short videos which will bring to life how i’m feeling and share with you some of the lessons, hints and tips I'm learning along the way.

You see, I’m ok with it.. What a friend of mine coined as radical acceptance. What a great term. How many times do we spend energy on fighting, numbing or ignoring our situation or issues? True freedom comes from accepting things exactly as they are and working from there.

Yes it was a shock, I really wasn't expecting the lump I found to be anything but the usual hormonal fluctuations … After all, I feel physically and mentally great so how could it be cancer? It was especially difficult as we were due to go on a holiday of a lifetime to Vietnam a week after diagnosis but we were assured we should still go and on reflection it was perfect timing as it gave us time to talk, have fun and process what's coming next.

I'm choosing to see this period of treatment and healing as a master teacher and plan to be fully present to experience all the gifts that this period brings. After all, I have all the tools gifted to me by yoga, my yoga philosophy teachers and the meditation practice to be able to practise what I preach!

I am also blessed with wonderfully supportive friends and family and our amazing NHS who have been so brilliant and the fact I'm so mentally, emotionally and physically strong is going to really help with the healing process. I fully intend to be back to my hand standing soon (although I am of course taking a period of rest).

Now don’t get me wrong.. There have been a few wobbles and dark clouds in the last few weeks BUT my practices and support mean that they have been short lived and the sun is mostly shining!

There is also a period of uncertainty. Although the tests so far indicate we’ve caught it early and it's unlikely to have spread, until they check the tumour and lymph nodes after my surgery on Friday 19th May we can’t be sure. We will deal with that as it comes. Wasting valuable energy on what might happen is something we all do to a certain extent but I've been able to spot when I'm doing this and change the thoughts to stay present. Simply put, worrying doesn't rob tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its peace.

THIS is the essence of the yoga practices. We cannot stop the storms from coming. We will ALL experience heartache, grief, disappointment, fear, anger and pain over our lifetime. It’s part of being human. BUT if we welcome these emotions with an open heart and recognise them for what they are - transient darkness that creates turbulence that passes, we can process and let them go much quicker.

Yoga teaches us that we are perfect. Our natural state and birthright is bliss. We are the clear blue sky and the trials and tribulations are weather. We are the sun and the trials and tribulations are the clouds that temporarily block the sun, but the sun is still always there waiting and shining.

What the yoga practice does is give us the tools to shift the darkness quicker, to spot it early and to give those clouds a little blow over quicker. After all, most of our issues are self created in our own mind and not major life changing things. We start with the small clouds so we can use the same tools when (as they will) the big storm clouds come knocking.

AND then something wonderful happens..even the biggest storm clouds seem lighter. After all they are just weather and weather comes and goes (and don’t we love a weather analogy in the UK lol).

So, i’m

Turning the WHY ME? Into WHY NOT ME

Turning the WHAT!! Into SO WHAT

Watch this space for blog number 2 coming soon which talks about my beloved BLOBBY (nickname for the tumour) and how we are reframing the relationship with cancer.


On a practical note...

You’ll be well looked after in classes by Michelle, Fran, Vicky and Laura, our wonderful Sole 2 Soul Teachers from the 19th-29th May when I take a rest after surgery. So please DO support them and if i’m feeling ok you may even see me in a slower class as a student later in the week.


YAY! Our June Retreat is going ahead!

As I'll be fully recovered from surgery and it will be before any further treatment (probably radiotherapy)

happens, I'm so thankful to be able to run my upcoming 3 night yoga & activity retreat in the beautiful Carmarthen Mountains, North Wales . It’s going to be a special one full of love and appreciation.

We always have an amazing time and this retreat was sold out but I have 3 spaces that have become free due to cancellation so GRAB THEM QUICK! Its’ your last chance this year as September is fully booked.

The retreat includes different styles of yoga, meditation, massage, beautiful peaceful mountains, nourishing, delicious plant based food, optional hikes, wild swimming and SUP Paddle boarding with like minded people in stunning surroundings.

What’s not to like! We have a single, twin or triple room option left. Click below to find out more or contact me


Next year we run retreats in January , May bank holiday and June in Spain - so check out the website and contact me if any of these interest you.

With love from my heart to yours

Lisa (and blobby) xx

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5 則留言

So sorry to hear your news. I hope you receive the same treatment as my daughter very recently had under the NHS. Her treatment & ongoing treatment was & is first class & we are very grateful to them.

Your personality & confident manner wii help you get through.

Sending you love & hugs xx


thank you - yes they have been amazing :-) xx hope she's ok x


Sorry to hear your news Lisa

I am sure you positive attitude will help pull you through

All the best Richard


Good luck with the surgery Lisa. Sending you Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung a beautiful healing mantra ❤️❤️🙏 Lots of love xx Sam


Wish you a speedy recovery Lisa. Sending you lots of love ♥️

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