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What is Yin Yoga?

Updated: Feb 27

So what’s the big deal about Yin Yoga? Why is it so popular? My yin yoga workshops often sell out as people love it! (and so do I…). Even if you’re a fan of a more energetic yoga practice (and so am I…) then Yin Yoga is a great complement. Here are just some of the reasons why. Suitable or almost all including beginners or most injuries & pregnancy (but as always check with me first!)

a woman in pigeon pose with props
Yin Yoga Hip Stretch (sleeping swan)

Joint/body opening

Yin yoga is suitable for more or less everyone. The whole practice is done on the floor, using props such as

bolsters, blocks, blankets and pillows to support the body. We hold Earth based poses for a long time up to 4-5 minutes but in a completely supported way so there is no strain on the body and it can open up slowly. Yin is designed to create some space in the joints - particularly the back and hips although other joints are involved - many people report feeling, open and free in their body for days afterwards. Not necessarily 'easy' but accessible and with amazing results

Energy flow

All yoga helps to create and move prana/chi or energy in the body. Yin yoga helps to stimulate and open the channels that carry our energy around, helping remove blockages and create balance and harmony in the body. Many people report feeling increased movement of energy in their system during or after a session


Many of us know how good for us it is to meditate or even just relax and slow down more - but many of us struggle to do this! Yin yoga is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a long mediation session with opening yoga moves so you're benefiting twice. We use the long holds in yin to notice the fluctuations of the mind, notice the sensations and emotions that arise (particularly when we're holding something that's a little more challenging to us) to let go and be present. Many people report sleeping really well for days after a yin session.

You can check out details of my upcoming Yin Yoga Sessions HERE (and subscribe to my mailing list to keep up to date with new dates) And here’s a short video you can follow along to for FREE (you'll need to sign up/log into the site - all free) with four of my favourite Yin Yoga Poses.

You do need a bolster for Yin but I have some to borrow (or you can make one - see here for a handy video)

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Om Shanti Shanti Om

Love as always Lisa :-) xx

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