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Thursday 18th May 2023
Cancelled - new date later this year. contact to express an interest
The Yoga Shack, Nether Whitacre B46
Suitable for beginners - contact me to express an interest in future dates

What to expect

Did you know that yoga is a great way to improve your riding?

This workshop will give you an introduction to the yoga practice, how it can help your riding, and go through they key poses, breathing and relaxation techniques that can help your riding and relationship with the horse. 

Some of the yoga techniques we will cover are how to;

  • Open the hips for a better seat

  • Strengthen the back and core

  • Stretches tight hamstrings and inner thighs

  • Releases tension in the shoulders 

  • Improves balance, posture and alignment

  • Breathe effectively and keep relaxed under pressure

  • Connect effectively with your horse physically and energetically.

horserider yoga .jpeg
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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