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Feel the fear ...part 2

I DID IT! I did the feared bungee jump... Please refresh your memory of my previous feel the fear blog here before reading on

Now you might be thinking that was AGES AGO! And you would be right…

You see I have no problem at all signing up for things that excite and challenge me but I’m less good at sitting down to do things like… erm writing a promised blog lol.

Anyway here we are - a couple of months after the last blog preparing for my first bungee jump and reflecting on it.

The day of the bungee…

After all the awareness of the fear building up I felt surprisingly calm on the day of the bungee jump. Family and friends came to watch us and my daughters were more worried than I was!

Imagine the scene - we’d been through the registration, training and were waiting our turn. Others seemed excited and energised after they’d done it.. including some people strapped together and a teenager… so no need to worry then...

My friend went before me (as she was lighter) and in fact she was the one who was more blasé than me about doing It.. BUT on the way up she got the fear. And when it was time to jump instead of a graceful dive forward (which is the best way for your body to be) she basically bundled herself off which meant she didn’t have a smooth experience..

So when she got down she was shaking and upset.. and I was next!

Trying not to focus on this, but the others who had come down gracefully we started our ascent up the crane which I was leaping from.

Looking at the horizon and breathing calmly I used this as a test to observe the rising fear and allow it to move through me.

So far so good… until I was asked to come and place my feet over the edge of the precipice… now my heart was racing and ever part of my mammalian instinct to survive kicked in “what on earth are you doing Lisa” my brain said… and then my brain said “if you’re gonna do it, just DO IT!”

So I dived out as far as I could quickly as I could. It was over so quickly. I do remember cursing, screaming and laughing when I bounced back up on the bungee…

It was over so quickly though (as you can see from the video!) that I said … we need to do it again from a higher one :-) Not yet though… watch this space!

Say WHY NOT instead of why a few times and see how life can be your constant teacher if you stay open and expanding to possibilities.

And watch this space as i prepare for a barefoot fire walk on Sunday (it's for Charity so thats alright then...)

Honest the universe keeps sending me these tests and I’m living life in a ‘WHY NOT!’ Frame of mind..

Go on … do something outside your comfort zone. That’s where growth lies.

It doesn’t need to be a fire walk or a bungee jump. It can be something small. Say YES to something you would usually decline for not good reasons..

Yoga can help us to examine our own often self imposed limitations and challenge ourself , on and off the mat. Come and try a class (in person at the yoga shack B46, a workshop, retreat or a zoom class) There's a free trial class too so go for it!


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