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Love kids... but couldn't eat a whole one...

Do you 'have' kids, know kids or perhaps you even were one... then READ ON!

This blog is all about ‘conscious parenting…’ but it’s definitely not about just being a parent. It’s about our interaction with any children, but as importantly how we interact with ourselves and do the ‘work’ so we don’t inadvertently sabotage our own happiness and our relationships with others.

It was so interesting talking to Amanda Cox from 'Truly Parenting' as there are so many synergies with her work and the yoga philosophy and practice! So have a listen to the wonderful conversation I had with her in the first of a series I’m calling ‘In conversation with’

One of the reasons I’m so interested in this work is not only my own parenting experience and how that may have changed (hopefully improved) since being a self aware yogi but also that I’m going to be a NAN next year… I am beyond excited but its also made me ponder some more on what it takes to be a positive presence in a young persons life.

Some of you may know I am mum to two daughters, Jemma aged 31 and Cassie aged 10! The age gap wasn't quite in the 'life plan' but what actually is eh, and what a precious blessing.

To the left is one of my fave joyous pics of the three of us and as you can imagine things parenting wise were a bit different back in 1989… no internet for a start! So have a listen to the recording above and here’s a few top tips too!

Top tips from Amanda

  • Start with a pause before you respond. Catch what you were going to say, it often shows how we react rather than respond.

  • Say less.... we then speak with less judgement.

  • See our child as our greatest teacher, the more they trigger you the more we can learn about ourselves! The less compliant child can teach us the most about ourselves.

  • Our child is not our child. Remembering this frees us from thinking we have to mould them.

  • Connection over correction. Often a child who you see as misbehaving is asking for connection.

  • Be present with your child. Take time in your day/week to connect without any need to ' do anything.

  • Our child needs to feel worthy. Reducing criticism and comparing less helps to achieve this.

And I’ll add a couple of pearl-ettes of my own!

  • Make sure to keep sense of humour - laughter is a great tension breaker and therapy!

  • Don’t take things personally (its very rarely to do with you) and teach your kids this valuable lesson

  • Say sorry when you get it wrong and ask them for help and for their advice

  • Make enough time for your inner work and self care (after all you can’t fill from an empty cup!). We’d be horrified to think our kids might have the same ‘hang up’s’ and self talk we sometimes have for ourselves, but we have to walk the walk and talk the talk.

  • love, love and more love...the heart is far wiser than the head..

  • If all else fails, remember they leave home eventually!

Yoga and meditation can help with all of this, understanding our mind, our emotions and giving us the space to see things the way they really are rather than our conditioned emotional responses (we all have them)

I would LOVE to hear some of your top tips too so please comment. Oh, and I’m looking for more people to have a chat with. so if you have an interesting topic to discuss in this field (well-being, spirituality, nutrition, earth etc) get in touch! You don't have to be a professional just passionate for sharing and helping others.

AND If you’re looking for tried and tested ways to improve your wellbeing, start the journey of self discovery as well as feel fit, calm and fabulous, then have a look at my new monthly membership for unlimited class access or join us on my ‘3 month transformational yoga programme’ starting January which will really help you kickstart the year well. You can read all the info about this and compare packages here or contact me to find out more.

You can find out more about Amanda and Truly Parenting at

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