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Be Bold..Get Cold!

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

You may have heard about Wim Hoff (the Ice man...) and that its the latest craze to take cold showers, wild swim or get into an ice bath.

I LOVE IT! I have my own little portable tub in the garden and i can often be found breaking the ice in the winter. It don't half wake you up.. and it's surprising how quickly your body gets used to it and feels calm...

Here I am at the last workshop (see below video) - but you do not need to put your head under of course as this can take some time to get used to!

Fancy trying it? Our next workshop is Saturday 14th October 11-1.30pm at the Yoga Shack, Nether Whitacre B46

Did you know theres an amazing amount of science behind the known benefits of it?

'Good' Stress

There's nothing wrong with stress... it's a necessary sign from our body to fight, flight or freeze...(no pun intended!) However, stress is only supposed to be a short term temporary thing and not the long term low level stress that so many people are living with today.

Ice baths have been shown to help challenge ourselves to be able to find ease in the discomfort and train ourself to deal with stress in a calm way. In fact, Cold and Ice are one of the biggest stresses to the body you can give it - so by being able to conquer your fear of it, and eventually relax in it, you are building resilience against stressors.

Benefits of Ice Baths

  • Boost willpower and confidence

  • Improve Mental Health and sleep

  • Decrease inflammation in muscles and joints

  • Improve vascular health

  • Reduce Stress

  • Increase lung capacity

  • Feel alert, alive and fully present!

It's important that the you understand the science of why cold and ice dips are beneficial and learn techniques to be able to stay calm and breath effectively through it with distinct breath work for the stressful situations and to improve your health! So at the workshop you will learn all this before trying a cold dip

Benefits of Breath Work

  • Learn the physiology of mouth vs nose breathing

  • Learn to control the physical aspects of the breath

  • Learn to control energy (prana - vital life force)

  • Learn to control your nervous system and reduce stress

  • Improve blood pressure and sleep

Yoga sessions all include breath work (pranayama) but don't typically include Ice Baths!

However, we are thrilled to have a regular workshop with our very own local Wim Hoff, Dan Edwards who will guide you through an Ice and Breath work Workshop.

You can expect to learn all about and practice breath work and Ice Bathing techniques including powerful Wim Hoff Breathing and technique. All finishing with a 2 minute dip in the ICE BATH! You will be guided and supported all the way - YOU CAN DO IT!

You can read more about this powerful workshop and come along to one held at the beautiful yoga shack a perfect peaceful haven to explore challenging your body and mind to BE BOLD! GET COLD!

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