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Why my Breast Cancer is like a wayward teenager...

It's countdown til my lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy this Friday 19th May 2023.. in simple turns they will be taking out the breast cancer tumour and one of the lymph nodes to see if it's spread.

You can hear all about it and how i'm feeling about this in the below video.

I'm actually looking forward to it, but not just to get it out of the way. I find the whole subject (which i'm learning so much about) of cancer, treatment, balancing my body and healing both fascinating and energising! I know right... it's surprised me too...

I guess i'd assumed i'd feel down and fearful but actually the reverse is true. I feel alive, energised and vital. A great place to tackle the op and whatever comes next.

In fact, I don't see the cancer as something to fear, to fight or battle with, but a sacred part of my body. 'Cancer' as a word carries with it such a heavy weight. It conjures up death and despair in those few letters.. but nothing could be further than the truth.

In fact, heart disease/attack is the biggest killer of women (1 in 2 women) with Breast cancer coming way down the line (even amongst us that have had breast cancer) and yet the word still holds a heavy weight, far more than heart issues

But, as is my style, to keep things lighthearted, and rather than keep referring to cancer and tumour, we have named my little collection of rogue cells Blobby..

Maybe like My Blobby my cancer is a little annoying... in our house we think of her as a wayward teenager who is rebelling against her family who love her. The more you lecture a teenager and battle, the more tension arises and the more distance arises between the family members.

Luckily most teenagers come back into the family fold with lots of love and understanding (and a lot of deep breaths for the parents) and they eventually move out anyway.

This is how i'm viewing Blobby. A part of the body family who has gone a bit rogue. I'm sending lots of support to Blobby from my heart, nutrition, healing practices and mindset to try to bring her back into the fold.. Cassie even kisses her goodnight.

However, she's gonna need to move out on Friday and get her own place! We wish her well on her journey.. but time to compassionately transition Blobby!

Did you know that cancer starts with one cell... all healthy cells replicate and the mother cell dies. And we all have a load of single cancer cells in our body at any one time with no ill affects

Normally these single or small clusters of cells get killed by our brilliant immune systems but sometimes a rogue cell gets the upper hand and is not killed off and replicates without the mother dying off - this is cancer. It can take years for a breast lump to even show itself and whats made that cell 'rogue' can vary and is difficult to determine - don't think about what caused it lately but think back a good few years so we can improve our health and prevent it happening again.

Although what causes cancer varies (and our health systems unfortunately focus research mostly on cure than prevention) what is agreed is that over our lifetime, our healthy cells get stressed by exposure to whatever is creating the cell mutations (diet, alcohol, toxins) which is why as we get older its harder for our cells to stay in balance. So by loving your body and mind, boosting your immune, gut and mental heath, you stop your body from allowing the cancer cells to multiply which is when they become a problem, like Blobby.

I'm learning so much about my body, cancer and balancing everything (I love to be informed and am really fascinated and enjoying learning about all this) and fully plan to share what i find and help others where i can.

I'll keep you posted on my operation and next steps on my social media so follow me! (I should know what further treatment will be recommended 2 weeks after surgery)

I really appreciate all the wonderful messages of support, love and prayers. It means a lot

With love from my heart to yours

Lisa (and blobby) xx

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Glad all went well. The main causes of breast cancer are being a woman and being over 50. So, it’s nobody‘s fault that we got it. I wish I had your attitude when I was diagnosed. All good now though. I had a blue boob for a few years due to the nuclear medicine injection to trace the lymph nodes! 😂 speedy recovery and you’ll be back to your yoga in no time. They say it’s a rollercoaster which is a cliché, but true. I was so blasé after my op and good news, but crashed and had anxiety issues just before my radiotherapy and for a while after. With support of my family and friends, walking and talking and…

Replying to

Thank you. Yes yoga and meditation are so important to my wellbeing of course lol 😂 I’ll keep an eye out for the blue booby.. they said they didn’t need extra dye in surgery so maybe I’ve got away with it xx


All the very best for tomorrow. Lisa, you are not alone inspirational you are also amazing. Just wanted to say.


Hope all goes well tomorrow x


Mandy Mills
Mandy Mills
May 18, 2023

All the best for tomorrow,your such a inspirational lady ,hope to see you soon,take care


Good luck tomorrow. x

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