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Ch-ch-ch changes..

The only constant is change…whether it's the change from day to night, the renewal of our cells, the seasons, the people who come in and out of our life… and certainly this year has seen unprecedented change for us all.

Like many of us, to start with lockdown was strangely sort of exciting.. a new challenge and an opportunity to diversify my teaching online, get some overdue jobs done as well as spend more time with family and at home, never dreaming that we’d still be in a similar position months later and having a massive impact on peoples health, finances and well-being.

It’s certainly been an up and down ride for many of us.. and there have been times when I’ve fought emotionally against the acceptance of what IS, rather than how I’d like it to be. I always remember the quote that ‘TRUE FREEDOM comes from the acceptance of what IS rather than what we wish it was’. We can think of freedom as freedom to move, travel and do what we like, but true freedom is a state of mind and emotional freedom. Our perspective on anything changes our reality completely and we can only move forwards from a state of acceptance for what we can’t change. We are often prisoners of our own mind far more than our four walls and change can scary.. but Nelson Mandela who was in prison for 27 years and never gave up hope of being his countries leader said 'courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it'.

For myself, I went from having fully booked classes, sold out retreats and workshops to cancelling everything and having a smaller number of people attending online classes. I’ll admit at times this really got me down despite feeling incredibly lucky too compared to many others...but there have been some amazing positives including the ability to have to teach online! Whilst not for everyone, zoom classes have been a lifeline and a preference for many and has helped me to continue to teach and reach people who wouldn’t be able to access my classes, some of whom had been on my retreats, used to come to class or just live too far away. I know many people will continue online long after we are able to see each other and I plan to offer a mix of both moving forward. I’ve managed to move my retreats in the UK and Spain to next year and boy will we enjoy them even more for the wait eh?

The time has also given me time to reflect on what next for my business, sometimes we need the space in order to see clearly eh? So I’ve a much needed, long overdue transformation to my website, adding video content and a new booking and pricing system. I’ve been working with a wonderful bunch of yogis on line in classes and as part of my 3 month transformational yoga course as well as having more time for study, my own yoga practice and family.


My shiny new website (have a poke around) which includes

  • Free online content (just sign up and you get access)

  • Ability to take part in challenges (coming soon!)

  • An App to make booking and updating easier

  • All booking and content in one place

  • Price increase to £8 per session (whether face to face, live online or anytime re-stream)

  • All re-stream classes and workshops now 'on-demand' so you rent them when you're ready (no need to pre-book) and the classes are included in the monthly membership (workshops extra)

  • Cost of just over one class a week

  • Includes anytime live stream zoom classes

  • Includes anytime re-stream of a large library of different style classes

  • Several new classes added to the library each week including short sessions

  • Up to 2 face to face classes per week

  • access to advice and support from Lisa and members only Facebook group

And now has never been a better time to sign up - with many of us feeling sluggish and stuck, and with the prospect of further time inside over the festive period, you know how good regular yoga makes you feel and I plan to continue teaching most classes over the festive period as we’re all gonna need it!

AND have a look at my 3 month Transformational Yoga Programme which starts in January for just £159 - for a real kick start to the new year to help you feel great and as part of a fully supportive yoga journey of well-being, movement and meditation - you only have to look at the testimonials to see how its helping people and I’d love to see you with us.

The wonderful ancient teachings of yoga help us to flow through life, whatever it throws at us.. and sharing these tools with you, despite any challenges, is my pleasure and privilege. I’d love to know how you’ve been doing so please comment or message me and sending all love as always and if you just want to talk, I’m here for you


Sole 2 Soul Yoga

07919 924883

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