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Joyful and Triumphant

Well its the end of a very 'different' year for all of us! I’m reluctant to say it was a bad or good year as to label anything as one thing or another really limits the difference in our experience and there have been some wonderful moments as well as some challenging ones.

Many of us have seen our lives completely changed. For me being able to teach online has been great as its meant I was able to keep working in some way and deliver a much needed service to those who were able to join us, but as online doesn’t work for everyone and has not been without its challenges! Plus it will be great to see people again!

Theres been a lot of good things. Less rushing about, more time with loved ones, gratitude for health and what we do have but there have been darker days when I’ve felt a little despair. My spiritual practice of yoga and meditation has really kept me going. The teachings really are a wonderful tool (not only the stretching!) to understand the mind, let energy flow and release, and live from a heart centred place which leads me onto Xmas! A time for rest and celebration (what ever that looks like for you this year) and perhaps we can take a lesson from one of my favourite Christmas films (The Grinch - recommended) that xmas is a time for the heart, and that often all a hurt, angry or fearful a person needs is a kind word,

compassion and support from just one person that can completely change their life.

So with this in mind I'm delighted to share with you my latest video ‘in conversations with’ where I’m chatting to Leanne Carr who is Curate at the Holy Trinity Church in Sutton Coldfield and loves her yoga! We talk about Christianity, Yoga, the breath, oneness, connection... in fact we had to stop as there was so much there :-)

There are so many aspects of Christianity and Yoga (and indeed many world spiritual/religious practices) that have synergies and it was wonderful to explore this in what I found a really insightful conversation. When we open ourselves up to be curious with others we can truly learn and grow. Most of the spiritual and religious paths have shared beliefs at their hearts. Celebrating the diversity and similarity is one thing that can unite the ONE HUMAN race… in love and peace.

We are open for classes until 6pm 23rd December, then 6pm on 29th and 30th December - book here.

Then we take a short break until 7pm on the 4th January. There's also over 50 different video recordings (some free some to rent) in the Sole 2 Soul TV section of the website, and all of these are free and included in membership. There's short videos, different levels and poses to work towards so there when you need them!

And finally a big thank you for all your donations to our xmas charity (I'll add it up at the end of the year!) as part of the advent challenge. Its not too late to donate direct at I truly hope you enjoyed and I'd love to hear how you got on,

And please... remember, If you need an ear then I’m always here for you. If dosh is tight, I’m always happy to gift you yoga and if your heart is heavy, breath, release and know that you are divine, shining light and this will pass… Hope you enjoy and sending blessings this festive season to you all

Lots of Love

Lisa xx

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1 Comment

Love this Lisa , watched video at 2:30am . Thank you for all your hard work keeping us going through this difficult time. Have a wonderful Christmas and hope 2021 is a better one for us all.

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