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So what exactly is a 'coach'?

Do you feel ‘stuck’, lacking direction and could use a steer and someone to help you move forward? Perhaps you have a tricky work or personal relationship of issue that you’d like to improve? Well I can definitely recommend coaching and a listen to my latest “In conversation with” video below where I talk to Jenny Richards from Jenny Richards Coaching about coaching and how it might help you. A regular yogi too, Jenny knows the power of your own mind and body and all these self exploration sciences compliment each other. You can read more about Coaching and Jenny in the blog on her website or follow her on Facebook Page

After our chat I was delighted to have a mini coaching session myself where Jenny expertly teased out of my why I felt somewhat blocked when it came to writing blogs. She asked me a series of well thought through questions it really helped me get to the bottom of why I wasn’t just getting on with it. I knew I wanted to share more and enjoy doing so in class, and making class plans, but I struggled to motivate myself to write blogs. I realised I wasn’t sure I was any good at it and wasn't even aware of this really. After just a short while I made a plan to be more organised, think of topics and write when the thoughts came (but without time pressure) and basically JUST DO IT - and I’m enjoying it. Hope you are too :-)

Yoga and meditation create the space and harmony to live in the moment and work on the mind giving you healthy body and correct mindset. Coaching complements this perfectly helping you master those goals.

For more info contact Jenny Richards

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