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The first rule of Tricky Poses Club is…

I remember it well.. my first Ashtanga (a challenging physical practice) yoga class almost 20 years ago. I’d done other slower forms of yoga but this was different. I couldn’t believe how challenging it was! I huffed and puffed, sweated and groaned, wobbled and grimaced… watching the others moving between poses gracefully and without breaking a sweat! I saw people balancing on their hands and one foot with ease .. I never thought I’d be able to do that, but LOVED how it made me feel so much I kept going. What I didn’t understand back then is the whole concept of the (the physical aspects of) yoga to challenge but not harm the body, learn control of the breath, concentrate on the moment, how we can work hard and relax at the same time and feel the energy increase in our body on and as importantly OFF the mat. I just kept going… and guess what .. a few years things started to happen.. my feet started lifting off in arm balances - just a little to start. I started to be able to concentrate and balance and become more supple and strong, achieving some of the moves and ease of body that I never thought possible. Can you relate? NOW don't get me wrong... I love the slower, relaxed practices too.. (YIN YOGA THIS SUNDAY 21st Feb 4-6pm - 2 hours of stretchy, relaxed, opening bliss) but we don't need to choose. It's all gooood!

I’m still a work in progress (aren’t we all for our whole life!) I'm enjoying the ride.. I now train almost everyday (on top of ‘normal’ yoga and meditation) something to get me closer to my physical goals - even if its just some light mobility work or mindset. Just a small step in the right direction. Just like the picture below we will get to the top of the ladder easier by small regular steps!

I truly believe that we can do MORE than we think we can. How many times do we use negative language stopping us before we’ve even tried. Now I’m not saying that the tricky poses are for everyone … it's not necessary for a happy life. If you have injuries or health issues there will be a different type of class thats better for you at this time. BUT I truly believe there’s liberation in the TRY. You may crack things quickly, it may take you months, years or lifetimes of practice… so why are trying the tricky poses worth exploring?

  • Because WE are the boss of the body and yoga helps with discipline and mastery of the body

  • There’s always a step we can take towards doing something.we really want.. every journey starts with a single step

  • It teaches us patience, acceptance and persistence (important concepts in yoga)

  • You’ll learn so much about your body - from which side is more open, strong to whether there’s imbalance (being upside down will defo reveal this!)

  • You will get stronger, more mobile and connected to your body and mind

  • Because its FUN to play, just like we did as a kid and boosts our confidence

  • Because you never know if it might just happen.. what if you fly

And that's why I think you should give it a try and join

‘THE TRICKY POSES CLUB’ - snappy title eh?

Starting Thursday 18th February 2021. 6-7.30pm

It's included in Monthly Membership (Just £39 includes all classes, all teachers and over 100 anytime all levels recordings) or £15 for 90 minute session monthly and ongoing support, drills and tips between. There's no ongoing commitment to the 'club' or membership so if it's not for you, no problem.

We will

  • Train smart (working out what’s stopping us)

  • Buddy up with a similar ‘level’ student (not keen on the term 'level' but you know what I mean..)

  • Meet monthly but encourage, support and train between classes (I’ll provide drills and tips)

  • And generally just have a good time

Read more and book HERE and don't hesitate to contact me if you're not sure.. hope to see you on the mat very soon at Tricky Pose Club or another session.

DON'T FORGET! for the exact opposite but absolute bliss (rest, stretch and restore ... YIN YOGA this Sunday 21st feb 4-6pm.

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