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We Want YOU as a New Recruit!

This blog is all about become a Sole 2 Soul Member and why YOU should consider it… please ignore Groucho… we're building a wonderfully , supportive members community and we'd love you to join - but honest if its not for you, that's fine too and any questions at all, just get in touch .

  1. Its great value! At just £39.99 per month thats just £2.66 per month more that if you were attending 1 class per week.

  2. For this you get

Unlimited access to all live stream classes including NEW members only sessions (below)

  1. Up to 2 face 2 face classes a week (when we can)

  2. unlimited anytime access of a growing library of recordings of different styles, levels, poses and focus. They range from 10 minute short, to tutorials/drills, 20, 30, 60 and 90 minute classes!

  3. Priority booking on face to face classes, workshops and retreats (which will probably be limited due to spacing for a good while..)

  4. Access to a members only Facebook group for support, updates and additional content

  5. You can choose to upgrade to the 3 Month Transformational Course for just an extra £40

  1. There’s no ongoing commitment - so you don’t have to sign up for a year… all I ask is 1 month notice and you can leave at any time.. although I’m quietly confident you’ll wanna stay

  2. On a personal note - it helps your local favourite teacher to have a regular salary like a 'normal' person lol :-)

And if you needed any other incentive to sign up… I’m also adding NEW MEMBERS ONLY classes (below) from 1st February as an added bonus (although there are still plenty of drop in classes for pay as you go people to choose from too) See the website for full timetable and information on these new classes

  • Monday 7.45-8.15 - Get up and Stretch with ME

  • Tuesday 6.30am-7.15am - Yoga Shred (HITT &Yoga) with Angela

  • Thursdays Monthly Mix up! - different teachers each week

  • Friday 12.30-1pm - Lunchtime stretch & re-set with ME

1st Thursday - YOGA with MICHELLE

2nd Thursday - YOGA with ANGELA (Pradhipa Yoga) style tbc

3rd Thursday - TRICKY POSES CLUB with ME!

4th Thursday - PILATES with AUDRA-JEAN (Mindful Movement)

Some of you might be waiting til we start back face to face to get going again… I totally get that too, especially if space or quiet is difficult at home but many students say they love the online classes as it still feels like they are with me and the others in the room. It's more personal than a YouTube video, keeps you accountable (especially if you join live) and you get all my usual ‘jibber-jabber’, grunts and groans (just keeping it real..).

I know it’s not the same as being together in person but until we can we need to keep ourselves fit, relaxed and happy and yoga is a great way to help with this. On the plus side there’s no travel time, you can choose your own music, you can have your dinner as soon as you finish and you can get more yoga in without leaving the house! Plus I've had people join me from all over the country and even internationally which is fantastic! Your camera can be off or on (you choose) so no pressure to be seen if you prefer not to either.

I also DO plan to keep the online going one we can have in person classes as some of you want to continue.. but I am going with the flow and more info on this when the time comes (hopefully soon eh?)

As always , if you are struggling financially , please do not hesitate to get In touch and we can work something out - I know things have been difficult for some, and we are here to help each other.

As always sending love and reach out if you need someone to talk to or access to classes. I'm here for you

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Lisa aren’t we already signed up or was it just for the month ?


👍 yes good for me 👏👏

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